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What is the tallest structure on the Dartmouth campus?

Last updated 01/07/11

At 175 feet, the smokestack attached the College heating plant is the tallest structure on the Dartmouth campus.

The tallest occupied building is Baker Library, built in 1928 and rising 124 feet to the top of its weathervane. (For information on Baker Tower, including tour schedules and the history of the weathervane, see the Baker-Berry Library bell tower page.) Baker passes the height of the next-tallest building, the Fairchild Physical Sciences Center, by nearly 50 feet: the height to the top of Fairchild’s parapet is 77 feet.

Other notable tall places on campus are the flyspace arches above The Moore Theater in the Hopkins Center, at 71 feet, and Bartlett Tower, built in 1895 on the site of the Lone Pine above the Bema, also 71 feet tall.

For more about Dartmouth’s buildings, visit “Dartmo: The Buildings of Dartmouth College,” an independent site run by 1995 Dartmouth graduate Scott Meacham, and which tracks the buildings of the College.

For a view from on high at Baker Library, see the video, "This is Tall" - The view from Dartmouth's Baker Bell Tower:


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Last updated: 01/07/11